Gloucestershire Weather Alerts

As Gloucestershire continues to bear the brunt of Storm Eleanor, we are acting to reassure parents that all of our school services will be operating as normal unless we notify you otherwise.  Please follow us on Facebook for live updates in the event of severe weather causing either the closure of schools or the curtailment or cancellation of a route.  This is extremely rare, we try to run our bus and coach services in all conditions, but occasionally safety will dictate that this is not possible.  In these instances, we will always post on Facebook initially as it is very quick and simple.  We also endeavor to send out text messages to parents and students but this can take a little longer due to the large number of messages and the differing status of each route.  Also check our website news section for updates.

If you don’t hear from us we will be running as normal, and unless we issue instructions to the contrary, students should wait at the bus stops as normal – we will be there, if a little delayed.

This is all worst case scenario, but doesn’t hurt to plan for all eventualities!