School Routes 2021-22

We are now accepting bookings for our 2021/22 home to school transport services.  Please click on the required school below and select the stop which you would like to use from the list generated.

The monthly and annual cost is displayed next to each stop.  There is a £50 non-refundable deposit payable at the time of booking. 

Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.  Subscription is open to all existing customers until February 28th 2021, after which any new customers, including new Year 7 students starting in September 2021 can sign up.

Routes Clear Selection

  • Chosen Hill School Route 1
    0 Places available

    £79.00 per month for 10 months
    £840.00 total including £50 deposit

    Note: You can still continue with this route to be placed on the waiting list

    • 0737 The Greyhound, Cheltenham Road
    • 0740 Elmbridge Road, Merevale Road
    • 0742 Queens, Barnwood Road
    • 0747 Church Lane
    • 0748 Insley Gardens
    • 0749 Royal Oak, Hucclecote
    • 0752 Hucclecote Churchdown Lane
    • 0758 Lobleys Drive, Gambet Road
    • 0800 Coopers Edge School
    • 0815 Chosen Hill School
    • 1514 Chosen Hill School
    • 1530 Lobleys Drive, Gambet Road
    • 1531 Coopers Edge School
    • 1537 Hucclecote Churchdown Lane
    • 1540 Royal Oak, Hucclecote
    • 1541 Insley Gardens
    • 1542 Church Lane
    • 1547 Queens, Barnwood Road
    • 1549 Elmbridge Road, Merevale Road
    • 1552 The Greyhound, Cheltenham Road
Please note before you continue that the selected route is currently full. You can continue to fill in the form below and submit if you'd like to be placed on the waiting list, free of charge.

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